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Geekin it!

We don't try to impress you with "Geek speak". We try very hard to speak normally so everyone understands us. There are however many Geek words that have no replacement. So in an effort for all of us to speak the same language, here are some geek words and their explanation


this is a size. as in Megabyte, this is 1000 Kilobytes, which is 1000 bytes, a byte is 8 bits of information. so a megabyte is 8,000,000 bits



We all have heard this, many have had one. A virus is a program that takes control of your computer and demands payment.

Dual Core


a dual core proccessor, is like having two of them, yup then a quad core is like having 4. The more cores the faster your computer



A Virus is malware, but malware can also be anything that installs without your knowlege and slows you down. Malware means slow computer

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