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We love everything geek, this is true. However we do realize, not everyone shares this deep rooted love for the computer. Some people only tolerate the computer so they can get online and get some things done. They may not "love" the computer, but they need it and it makes things fun. Well, sometimes. If your computer is not fun, there is something wrong. Come in and talk to us about putting the fun back into your computer

Virus removal

Virus removal. We remove the virus and suggest anti-virus solutution

Tune up

every computer has a top speed. Let's find it. A tune up can do wonders for that slow machine


Sometimes finding top speed can be done with upgrades to RAM or other internal parts

Laptop repair

Tired of your keybord missing letters? Maybe you have your laptop hooked up to a monitor because the screen is cracked. We specilize in these repairs, make your laptop mobile again.

Data recovery 

Your computer may have died, but maybe you can still get those pictures or documents or last years tax forms.


Genuine Microsoft software in all our refurbished computers. You will pay half of the new price, for a quality refurbished laptop or desktop

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